Kris Ventris-Field
Dyslexia Specialist
Education and Training Consultant
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Employer Services

We are keen to raise awareness about dyslexia and can provide support for employers on what dyslexia means in the business context.

  • Dyslexia affects 1 in 10 of the working population.
  • All employers have a legal responsibility to make reasonable adjustments.
  • Failure to act could be expensive.

We can offer:

  • Initial consultation and guidance
  • Awareness raising training for staff
  • Information on accessibility
  • Advice on legal requirements relating to Specific Learning Differences (SpLDs) – dyslexia, dyspraxia, etc.
  • Guidance on reasonable adjustments that will support all staff
  • Support for your business to be dyslexia friendly for employees and customers

Do you have employees with dyslexia? We can offer:

  • Workplace needs assessments with recommendations for reasonable adjustments
  • Personalised support and strategies for individuals in the workplace
  • Guidance on strategies to improve performance
  • Regular reviews to evaluate impact

Click here for further information on workplace needs assessments.

From an employee receiving specialist support
in the workplace:

“I now achieve what I set out to achieve most days. My grammar and content of reports have improved and I have some strategies. Most of all my emotional confidence has grown; it’s good hearing that I’ve made an improvement”

This employee’s team leader said at a review after 5 sessions said: “I can see a definite improvement, as can others in the organisation; he is making fewer errors in his reports and is more confident.”

“Kris is one of the most caring, enthusiastic, dynamic presenters I know, and she understands the challenges faced by dyslexic people in the workplace better than most. I would thoroughly recommend her to do an excellent job in this field.”

Janet Anderson A.Ed AMBDA, 15/11/2012

Click here to download our
Dyslexia and SpLP Checklists

Click here to download information
about Qualifications to support Dyslexia and SpLP

“Thank you for your involvement with GHT and my team; we have been extremely grateful for the support, advice and expertise you have given and shared with us.”

Head of Life Long Learning, Learning and Development, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

"Thank You very much for your assistance and the great resources. Your work with dyslexia is very impressive. The care you provide is so important and to have the ability to help working  adult is fantastic. Over the years I’ve seen a lot of people struggle with their work and there are very few places in the US to turn for assistance. Especially our lower income families. One day I was listening to a speaker talk about the number of geniuses that can’t release their fullest potential because of their dyslexia. It’s nice to see you opening their door.
If there is anything I can ever do to assist don’t hesitate to send an email and if you ever holiday in Southern California let me know.
Dan Graduate Student from California
His response was following an enquiry he made to me for information about dyslexia in the workplace.

Kris Ventris-Field Education and Training Consultant, Dyslexia Specialist
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