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10% is that all?

Hi there again. I said I’d extend my answers to the facts on dyslexia I put out in last week’s blog – and here’s the first.

Dyslexia affects at least 10% of the population.
People often ask me if that’s all and some are surprised it’s that many and if we’re honest – it probably is more, but it’s incredibly difficult to be completely accurate, which is why we say ‘at least...’ Why is it so hard to be sure, you may ask?

Well – let’s try to explain a few things.

Dyslexia is a collection of characteristics and each dyslexic person will have a unique profile of these differences. It is also on a continuum – so some will have very mild characteristics and others will have some that are very high on that continuum, meaning they will face more challenges with particular things (more about that in a later blog).
It can affect anyone of any level of intelligence – there are no cut off points, so can be quite challenging to assess in individuals with complex needs.
Those with very mild characteristics, probably make accommodations, or adjustments quite easily, so would not classify themselves as dyslexic. Only about 4% of the population have it severe enough to warrant specialised support – that’s still over 2 million!. About ¾ million children are affected in the UK.
Not everyone with dyslexia has been diagnosed, making it extremely difficult to say accurately the percentage of the population who are dyslexic.
Some people say they are dyslexic when in fact, they may have a more general or global learning difficulty that is not specific.

Hopefully, that’s enough to be going on with. Next week – I’ll be looking at some of the overlaps with other conditions.


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