Kris Ventris-Field
Dyslexia Specialist
Education and Training Consultant
Gloucestershire Monmouthshire Herefordshire

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About Me

My testimonials will give a glimpse into the passion and experience I have for lifelong learning; for literacy and numeracy development and to ensuring that those with dyslexia and other learning differences have appropriate, quality support to enable them to achieve their full potential.

I am equally passionate about raising awareness with as many people as possible to have a better understanding of dyslexia - for teachers and trainers to know about the resources available and be able to apply appropriate strategies for their learners, and for organisations to take a positive and holistic approach towards specific learning differences, offering equality and fairness for all.

As a freelance worker, I offer a bespoke and flexible service to employers, organisations, teaching and training providers and individuals.


  • Specialist in literacy development and dyslexia
  • Qualified dyslexia assessor and teacher across all age groups
  • Qualified teacher status (QTLS) – post 16 focus
  • Co-Author of training courses for working with dyslexia
  • Written and deliver training packages: ‘Dyslexia Awareness’ in a range of contexts; ‘Whole Organisation Approach to Dyslexia’; ‘Resources to Support Dyslexia and Literacy’
  • Workplace Needs Assessor
  • Work with employers and educational organisations to develop policy and practice relating to English, maths and dyslexia
  • Reading Coach and Reading Coach trainer for a voluntary adult reading scheme (Forest Read Easy Deal – 'FRED')
  • Workplace Learning Advocate and Maths Champion Trainer
  • Co-Author of online learning maths champion module for TUC and National numeracy challenge maths champions
  • Facilitating god practice and exchange groups, as well as employer learning networks

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Previous Experience

  • •Regional Area Manager and Regional Adviser for DfES Government-funded literacy, language and numeracy programmes – ‘Support for Literacy, Language and Numeracy Programme’ (CfBT) and ‘Move On’ (Tribal) - 8 years
  • • Learner Services Manager (Skills for Life, Functional Skills, ESOL, Additional learner Support and Library Services) at Royal Forest of Dean College (now Gloucestershire College) – 15 years

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  • Member of Management Team for Forest Read Easy Deal (FRED), a charitable organisation training coaches to work with adult non-readers and emerging readers embedded link to website
  • Member of The Gloucestershire Dyslexia Association Management Committee (affiliated to The British Dyslexia Association)
  • Member of The Professional Association for Teachers of Students with Specific learning Difficulties (PATOSS)
  • Member of The Education and Training Foundation (previously the Institute for learning (IfL))
  • Distributor for Phoenix Cards and Forever Living Aloe Vera products
  • Governor for local primary school with remit to monitor SEN and English

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“Kris has a high level of Learning and Development expertise. Her knowledge of developing policy and practice in the Post 16 sector particularly Skills for Life ensure that her consultancy, development and delivery result in improved practice, increased confidence and a motivated workforce. Kris's passion for education not only inspires her learners but also her colleagues.”
Suzanne Dunsmore, MA FIfL, Director, Adeptio



“Having worked under Kris’s guidance on several projects, I found her to be passionate about developing quality materials to support organisations that help adults develop their literacy and numeracy skills. Her work is of a high standard and she encourages others to produce the same.”
Caryn Loftus, Manager of Summations Ltd and freelance educational consultant.

“All learners made very good progress... this is primarily due to the outstanding differentiation Kris uses and the careful choice of learning resources...”

“The use of initial assessment, individual target setting and resultant differentiation is outstanding.”

“The tutor and learners make excellent use of ILPs and feedback on learners’ work is excellent. All learners were treated sensitively but with purpose to improve.”

From an Adult Education lesson observation report

Kris Ventris-Field Education and Training Consultant, Dyslexia Specialist
Telephone: 01594 563 361 Mobile: 07771 962 426 Email:


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