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Education and Training Consultant
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Assessment Services

A full range of assessments is available for individuals from 7 years of age through to adults of all age groups.

All assessments are carried out by an experienced, fully qualified specialist assessor who holds a current Practising Certificate 50000169-IF1772 (PATOSS) and an approved qualification as noted in SpLD Working group 2005/DfES Guidelines.

My Aim is to offer an initial consultation to establish what level of assessment is required, followed by a service tailored to the individual that includes:

  • The assessment at a suitable venue (e.g. my home, your home, workplace, place of learning)
  • Feedback session (optional) to explain the findings and recommendations in detail
  • Electronic and hard copy of report in a format suitable for purpose
  • Aftercare service – this could include:
    - follow up discussion
    - support
    - strategies
    - working with school, employer, other

Why Assess?

  • An assessment identifies strengths and dyslexic weaknesses so relevant action can be taken
  • It is necessary to go through certain official channels – such as applying for a DSA; completing a workplace needs assessment, having exam accommodations or reasonable adjustments
  • It helps identify strategies that can help you to take charge of your dyslexia
  • It can offer guidance on support others could give – parents, employers, schools and colleges, study support tutors, for example
  • Recommendations will include a profile of your differences and requirements, rather than a general guide which may not all be relevant
  • Overlapping or co-existing conditions can be identified, such as dyspraxia, dyscalculia, attention deficit or hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), for example

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Assessment Details

Type What it involves Time Price Guide
Initial consultation Telephone or email conversation to identify requirements.
Face-to-face also available.
Half an hour
30 - 45 minutes
£30 plus travel
Screening A short assessment looking at the history of difficulties and background, to establish whether dyslexic difficulties are present and to make a recommendation about the next steps to take. 1 – 1 ½ hours From £50
(£75 with written report)
Diagnostic Assessment A range of assessments are carried out to assess cognitive ability, phonological skills, memory and speed of processing. Literacy (and sometimes maths) skills are also assessed.
The tools used are recommended as those most appropriate for identifying dyslexia and will help to identify the strengths and weaknesses that affect the learning process.
3 ½ – 4 hours. Can be split over 2 sessions. Breaks can be taken during the assessment From £350
DSA Assessment A full diagnostic assessment is required to meet the conditions of the SpLD Standards Committee. It provides the evidence required for the application for Disabled Students’ Allowance. Similar to a diagnostic, but written in a recommended format for this purpose. DSAs are used to provide equipment, software and study skills support to assist with the demands of Higher Education. 3 ½ hours £350
Exam Access Arrangements Most schools and colleges have their own specialist assessors. Some larger organisations establish a relationship with an independent assessor to carry out these assessments for Form 8.
The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) update requirements each year and I keep up-to-date so I can advise on and apply the changes.
1 ½ hours By arrangement with school or college
Workplace Needs Assessment
(Click here to see Employer Services)
Can be completed as a follow on for a diagnostic assessment, or alongside a diagnostic assessment.
Working with employer and the individual to be assessed to identify strengths and dyslexic weaknesses in relation to job role. Identifies reasonable adjustments and strategies for the workplace.
Initial Consultation essential to involve all relevant parties.
WNA only – 2 – 3 hoursWNA with diagnostic – 4 hoursTimes will vary, but a guide would be 1-2 hours. From £200

From £400
Update Assessment Some adults who have been previously assessed, require an update for a specific purpose. Depending on the nature of earlier assessments, this is likely to involve fewer assessments, as previous reports can be taken into consideration. To be advised following initial consultation From £200

Payment can be spread over several months by arrangement.

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Kris Ventris-Field Education and Training Consultant, Dyslexia Specialist
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